Government of Canada extends the suspension of flights from Pakistan and India
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Federal government has announced intention to revise travel restrictions for vaccinated eligible travellers.
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Keeping people safe at Pearson

When people, planes and things are arriving or departing Pearson:

The Customs and Border Services Agency (CBSA) protects the Canadian border by facilitating legitimate travel and trade. All passengers arriving at Toronto Pearson go through the Customs Hall to speak to CBSA agents—whether you’re visiting Canada or returning home from abroad. CBSA agents help keep prohibited drugs and firearms, currency, foods, plants, animals and related products from entering Canada. As a passenger, declaring what you’re bringing into Canada with you is an important part helping the CBSA keep Canada safe. On a larger scale, CBSA also investigates cargo coming in and out of the country through the airport. Learn more about CBSA by reading about Ryan and Indy from the CBSA, Detector Dog Service Team.

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) helps make sure that people inside the airport and on planes travelling to other destinations are safe. CATSA screening officers make sure that there are no dangerous items being brought into the areas where people and baggage are boarding planes. Both passengers and employees go through screening and need to have their belongings checked. Did you know that your checked luggage gets screened by CATSA on its way to the plane, too? Learn more about CATSA by reading about Screening Officer Michelle.

When you’re at the airport:

Since the airport is a 24-hour operation, Pearson’s Fire and Emergency Services department provides around-the-clock life safety services to everyone on airport property. This is a team of first responders for a range of dynamic calls to action—including aircraft incidents, car accidents and medical response. They’re our in-house 911 response unit that can be anywhere in the airport within 3 minutes. Learn more by reading about Platoon Chief Phil.

Peel Regional Police also has a special Airport Division right here on-site at Toronto Pearson. They provide enforcement services and respond to public safety concerns both on the public side and secure side of the airport. They even have a community office in the public area of Terminal 1. Learn more by reading about Sergeant Ryan.

Peel Regional Paramedic Services is another agency that operates at Pearson to respond to medical calls for both passengers and employees. They support our Fire and Emergency Services team when more staff and resources are needed. They even had a satellite ambulance station next to the airport to be ready to respond quickly. Learn more by reading about Superintendent Jay.

Whether you’re working at Pearson, travelling through the airport or meeting and greeting your loved ones, rest assured we’ve got a team of dedicated professionals keeping you safe.

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