Reminder: as part of our Healthy Airport commitment, passengers are reminded that vented masks with exhalation valves are prohibited by Transport Canada.
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Picking up and dropping off

For quick visits, take advantage of our free cell phone waiting area or curbside pick-up and drop-offs. Or choose from a variety of parking options that allow you to take your time, whether you're offering a warm welcome or saying good-bye.

Short-term parking

Express Park is the best option for picking up or dropping off friends or family at Terminal 1. It’s conveniently located next to the terminal. Choose this option for stays of up to 3 hours.

For longer visits, like accompanying travellers to check-in or waiting for friends and family in the Arrivals area, choose the Daily Park lot.

Safety hazards of roadside parking

Please keep our roads safe by choosing the free Pearson Cell Phone Waiting Area or convenient short-term parking at one of our terminals instead of illegally parking on the terminal roadsides. If you park on the roadsides leading into the terminals, a photo will be taken of your licence plate and a $75 payment notice will be sent to your home address. If you’ve received a payment notice for parking on the roadside in the mail and have questions about payment, please contact 1-866-870-9113 or

Wait for arrivals in your car

You can wait comfortably inside your car for that text or call from your arriving Pearson traveller in the Pearson Cell Phone Waiting Area. It's free to use for up to 45 minutes, but you must turn off your vehicle and stay with it at all times.

Curbside pick-ups or drop-offs

For quick pick-ups or drop-offs, you may stop briefly outside the Arrivals and Departure areas at both terminals. Note that waiting is not allowed here or on the roads leading to both terminals.

Designated accessible drop-off locations

Accessible drop-off locations are available at the Departures Level of each terminal and offer a variety of features to assist individuals travelling with wheelchairs and mobility aids.

Where to meet in the airport

It's a great feeling to be greeted at Pearson Airport Arrivals, especially after a long trip. If you’re planning to wait for travelling friends and family inside the terminal, you’ll find meeting areas on the Arrivals level, just outside the baggage claim.

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