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Press release

October 12, 2017

TORONTO, CANADA – Today, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority received the final report of the Toronto Pearson’s Residents’ Reference Panel (RRP) on Airport Growth and Noise Fairness. The report details recommendations that the airport can use to ensure it grows in a responsible and sustainable way. The RRP, comprised of 36-residents from communities across the Greater Toronto Area, including those impacted by airport operations, used discussions at public workshops, an extensive noise-fairness survey of GTA residents, information sessions with industry experts as well as their own experiences to form their final recommendations. Among their recommendations are:

  • Incentives for airlines to retrofit or use quieter aircraft;
  • Adopt more night flight restrictions, including a new formula for managing night flights;
  • Explore other options to mitigate noise – such as an home insulation program for affected households – before implementing a noise sharing program, which should only be pursued if respite afforded to communities is meaningful and predictable;
  • Improved coordination between the airport, NAV CANADA, Transport Canada and the airlines.

“We thank the Panelists for their dedication and acknowledge the overarching sentiment that Toronto Pearson needs raise our game and act as a leader in noise management as we continue to support demand for air travel in the region,” said Robyn Connelly, Director of Community Relations, GTAA. “We will review the details of their report in the coming weeks and determine how best to reflect the proposed principles, values and recommendations in a number of important projects, including: consultation on the Toronto Noise Mitigation Initiatives, the 2017-2037 Master Plan and our updated 2017-2022 Noise Management Action Plan.”

With global demand for air service driving growth at airports around the world, including Toronto Pearson, the GTAA has committed to releasing a new 5-year noise management action plan to ensure that growth occurs in a sustainable and responsible way. Engaging and consulting with GTA residents through the Residents’ Reference Panel, public workshops and community events has been an important part of the GTAA’s responsibility to manage demand for air travel in a responsible manner. The GTAA will continue to work with Transport Canada, NAV CANADA and the 65 plus carriers operating at Toronto Pearson International Airport to ensure that initiatives are undertaken to mitigate the impacts of airport noise.

To read the full report please visit:

About Toronto Pearson

Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) is the operator of Toronto Pearson International Airport. Toronto Pearson is focused on becoming the best airport in the world; enhancing the passenger experience, safety, security, supports the success of our airline partners. With more than 44 million passengers in 2016, Toronto Pearson is Canada's largest airport and second busiest North American international airport.

The area around Toronto Pearson is the second-largest employment zone in Canada; it facilitates more than 6 per cent of Ontario's GDP and directly employs 49,000 people. Toronto Pearson believes being a good neighbour means balancing operations by engaging with communities that surround the airport. It strives to have a positive impact by investing in social good and community-building initiatives through its community investment program, The Propeller Project.

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