Apron tower lighting

We light up the Apron Tower to honour national holidays, seasons and major national or city events.

Throughout the year, we also have scheduled lighting to celebrate our sports teams, including Toronto FC, the Maple Leafs, the Raptors, and the Blue Jays.

2020 schedule

Lighting begins at sunset and ends at sunrise the next morning. During spring and fall bird migration periods, lighting will end at 11 pm.

Date Occasion Colour
February 4 National Flag of Canada Day Red and white
April 22 Earth Day Green
July 1 Canada Day Red and white
October 10 World Mental Health Day Purple
November 11 Remembrance Day Red
December 25 Holiday season Red and green
December 31 New Year's Eve Blue and white

Submit a lighting request

We receive many requests from the community. We will only consider lighting for events that are:

  • non-denominational
  • non-political
  • charitable or cause-related
  • comply with the Canadian Aviation Regulations and harassment and discrimination legislation

To submit your request, review our tower lighting policy [PDF 243 KB] and send your request to community.engagement@gtaa.com.

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